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Working at Foepy’s on the Meuse

Looking for a great job/ vacancies in the hospitality industry?
Are you looking for a suitable vacancy in the hospitality industry?
Jobs and side jobs Do you want to work in service or in the kitchen, for example?
Let us know, send us an email and maybe you will join our cozy team
Apply immediately and start your new adventure!
Every time you come to work, you get a "feel good" feeling. For this is truly a gem of a location.
You are lucky! At Foepy's on the Meuse, we are always open to people joining our team.
In the hospitality industry, there is work for everyone.
Is cooking your passion and do you enjoy making sure dishes fly out of the kitchen? If you know all about the rules in the kitchen and HACCP has no secrets for you, then we have a nice challenge for you as an independent working cook.
Are you the sociable, cheerful host/hostess who wants to pamper guests? Can you make guests relax and put a smile on their faces? Because if they are happy, are you? Under your watchful eye, guests will lack nothing.

Or do you prefer to be behind the scenes and make sure when the dishes are done?
If you think 'YES' ....... Send us an email with your name, address, phone number and resume to